Modular Apartment Buildings

In addition to providing single family modular housing, Westchester Modular can also help you build a modular apartment complex. We serve developers and contractors throughout the Northeast, and we deliver the same level of high quality on our commercial modular projects.

Completed Projects:

Through our independent modular builders, Westchester Modular has been able to obtain a number of contracts to build modular apartment housing throughout the Northeast. Two of our most recent success stories include:

Midtown Project

The Midtown Project is a mixed-use modular apartment complex/retail building in New Jersey's Washington Township. This four-story complex features spacious modular apartments and modular townhomes above a ground floor retail space. Initial construction on the complex was completed in just a few weeks with flooring, heating, plumbing and a sprinkler system already in place.

Washington Township, NJ - Apartment

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Cabrini Gardens

Jarro Building Industries and Westchester Modular Homes designed and completed construction of the Cabrini Gardens modular housing project in Coram, Long Island in 2010. Consisting of two modular apartment complexes, the project, which was partially funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, now provides affordable modular housing for up to 100 families.

Coram, Long Island - Apartment

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New Milford, CT - Apartment

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Since 1986, the Westchester Modular team has been changing the way people think about modular housing. Project managers throughout the Northeast have found our modular construction methods to be a cost effective way to build projects quickly without sacrificing quality or comfort. For more information on multi-family and commercial buildings, please contact Tony Monti, Project Sales Manager, at

Standard Specs

Why Build a Modular Apartment Complex?

  • Faster time to occupancy: Perhaps most importantly, modular construction is considerably faster than building from the ground up. We assemble units individually in our Wingdale, NY factory and ship them to your worksite ready to install. Shorter lead times allow units to be rented out sooner so you'll see a faster return on your investment.
  • Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is an important point for any new modular apartment complex. Potential tenants want to know their apartment will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter without driving up their utility bills. Westchester Modular apartment buildings can be built ENERGY STAR certified or to LEED standards if requested, saving your tenants fuel costs and possibly making you eligible for tax credits.
  • Cost effectiveness: Getting the most for your construction budget doesn't have to mean cutting corners. We employ strict controls to ensure you remain on-budget and on-schedule lowering your labor costs and time to occupancy.

Westchester's Modular Apartment Buildings

A growing number of apartment builders/developers are opting for modular construction. For many years, we've been perfecting the art of designing and building prefab apartments for modern urban dwellers.

Westchester is a leader in the design and construction of new modular apartment developments. We work closely with you to customize our plans to suit your taste. Our innovative design solutions allow you to interactively create building designs your tenants will love.

Why Choose Westchester Modular Homes to Construct Your Modular Apartment Building?

Here are some of the key benefits we offer to apartment property investors who want to construct new modular buildings:

  • Excellent Quality Control: We comply strictly with all building codes in your state or county. Our quality control procedure ensures we use the best materials for construction while qualified inspectors monitor each stage of the construction process. We keep all our materials in shielded storage and use them in a factory environment that protects them from the adverse effects of the weather. This allows us to deliver the best quality structure to you at an affordable price.
  • Green Construction: We design and build to meet the highest standards for eco-friendly construction. We operate a strict "no-waste" policy. We use precision to measure all our building materials, then gather any scrap materials to recycle them at our factory. Since we conduct more than 80 percent of our work at our factory, we don't bring equipment or machines that emit toxic gases to your site. We also save you the hassle of clearing waste and debris after the construction is completed.
  • Quicker Turnaround Time: We can deliver your completed apartment to you with a 20 to 30 percent time savings compared to on-site construction. We use highly efficient construction processes, making many parts simultaneously. This drastically reduces overall construction time. The shorter construction time allows you to get faster approval for financing, enabling you to begin reaping from your investment quickly.
  • Lower Construction Costs: With our quick turnaround time, we help you save costs on labor. We also ensure we purchase materials in bulk, so we can reduce the total cost of materials for the project. Even when there are customizations, our relationship with our suppliers still allows us to get good discounts. Then, our precision equipment will enable us to save costs by diminishing waste when cutting lumber.
  • Energy Efficiency: Tenants love to live in modern, energy-efficient homes. So, from the onset, we help you create designs that are energy-efficient. We'll install insulation that lowers the cost of heating and cooling the home and reduces energy bills.
  • Structural Warranty: We want you to enjoy the full benefits of your investment, so we offer you a 10-year warranty on the structure that covers repairs and maintenance during the warranty period. So, you can rest assured your tenants will be happy to live in your apartment building because it has a durable and well-maintained structure.

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We’re prepared to take on both large and small modular apartment building projects. Contact us for a free consultation, so we can start the process of creating your dream building today.