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Modular Homes




Modular Cottages


Among the many modular home designs available from Westchester Modular Homes, Inc., modular cottages and modular cabins have become some of our most popular choices for single-living and small family households. Designed and constructed with the professionalism and quality of all Westchester homes, modular cottages are an economical choice for prospective homeowners.

Modern Styles & Features For a Unique Design

Modular cottages, like all homes from Westchester, are built with the customers' goals and desires above all else. When you buy a home from Westchester, our team and your local home builder are involved in every step of the home buying process, from initial design and financing to final assembly and inspection. Buying from Westchester Modular Homes means buying from an experienced modular home company with professionals who are willing and able to make sure your dream home becomes a reality.

Local home builders approved to design and assemble modular homes built by Westchester are located across nine states throughout the northeastern United States. These independent builders have been certified as complying with the strict standards adopted by Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. and are equipped with design resources to assist customers with the home selection and customization processes.

Computer Aided Design software allows you to design a modular cottage from the bottom up, with several options for most features of the home. Standard models of homes can be customized as well; your local builder can inform you of the choices available to you in order to make your home truly one of a kind. Our online virtual design center allows customers to see their modular cottage design before construction even begins and make any changes they may deem necessary.

Find the local home builder nearest to you today to start on the path of owning your own home. Modular cottages, modular colonials, modular ranches and many more choices are available so that you can find and customize the home perfect for you.

Why Modular Cottages?

Modular cottages are unique because they’re built within a climate-controlled factory. When your modular cabin is constructed in this manner, you don't have to worry about delays or problems from weather elements.

At Westchester Modular Homes, we offer you the best deal for modular cottage construction. Beginning with amazing modular cabin designs, we work with you to customize and build your cottage quickly to suit your taste and your family's needs.

Reasons to Choose Westchester Modular Homes

A few perks of working with us include:

  • Outstanding Quality Control: Our well-monitored factory environment helps us adhere to the strictest quality standards. All materials used for construction, such as lumber, do not come into contact with outdoor elements. This prevents mold growth that usually occurs when lumber is transported and stored at the construction site.
  • Flexible Designs: Our modular housing construction gives you a chance to put in as many customization options as you want. We’ll work together with you to determine the kind of room spaces, material specification and aesthetic finish that suits your taste. While complying with state building codes, we help you upgrade your existing modular home and provide additional fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the home.
  • Speedy Construction: Typically, the process of building a modular cottage home in our factory takes about one-third the time required to create the same home on-site. This is because our workflow is fast and efficient. Choose us, and you’ll benefit from our well-designed repetitive modular home building processes. Due to our carefully planned procedures, we'll help you save time and meet your construction deadlines. You can also enjoy our fast turnaround time when you need to renovate your home for a construction project.
  • Lower Construction Cost: If you need to construct your residence within a fixed budget, our modular cottage homes are your best option. We offer lower labor costs compared to traditional manufacturing, and our quick construction methods reduce overall project costs for you. You’ll also be able to pay lower interest on your construction financing loan.
  • Less Waste: We don't produce the large volume of waste that’s typical of most on-site buildings, and we always remove and recycle the trash we do create at our factory. You won’t have any dangerous gases, materials or chemicals deposited within or around your site. This eliminates the cost of site clean-up that is always part of any traditional construction or site modification.
  • Full Building Code Compliance: We save you the time and effort needed to find and comply with the building codes of your county and state, ensuring all designs receive full approval before we start construction. Then, we call in professional inspectors to inspect and certify the building during and after the process.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: You’ll enjoy better energy-efficiency that leads to lower electricity and gas bills when you choose our modular cottages. We help you save money in the short- and long-term, as our framing provides more insulation than many conventional buildings. Plus, our high-precision equipment enables us to prevent heat losses and air infiltration, giving you a more comfortable home that’s easier to maintain.

Let Westchester Modular Homes Build Your Modular Cottage

When you want a home that’s beautiful, modern and cost-effective with the potential to increase in value, choose Westchester Modular Homes. Give us a call at 800-832-3888 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our team members today.