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Modular Home Companies

Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. was established in 1986 for the sole purpose of providing luxurious, economical homes to families and individuals throughout the northeastern United States. As the regionís premier modular home company, Westchester has established a reputation for high-quality homes built to meet the expectations of every new homeowner. Few, if any, modular home companies offer the customization options, first-grade building material and professional design services found at Westchester.

An Innovative Way to Build a Home

Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. was founded to meet the booming demand for homes at the time. We realized the advantages of constructing homes in a climate-controlled factory with a full-time staff of professionals working year-round. Our building professionals work quickly yet carefully, never sacrificing quality when constructing our modular homes.

Our homes are constructed in modules; that is, the home is built in several sections which are then transported by truck to a plot of land and assembled on-site. Working with local builders approved by Westchester, the house is designed to comply with all local and state regulations and codes. A home can be constructed at our factory in as little as a week, meaning homeowners can move in and begin enjoying their elegant new home in a matter of no time.

As a prospective customer, Westchester encourages you to come visit our factory in New York to witness the construction process first hand and see what it takes to build the best modular homes. Our reputation as one of the leading modular home companies is due to the rapid responsiveness we provide to all of our customers and the great partners we have in our network of Westchester Home Builders.

Find the local home builder nearest to you today to begin the process of purchasing your new modular home. Your home builder can provide a wealth of information about possible custom features that can give your new home a distinct character and style guaranteed to exceed your expectations.