Multi-Family Projects

Our Commitment to Modular Multi-Family Projects

The growth of our company begins with the success of our builders.

modular townhousesAt Westchester Modular Homes there are NO SURPRISES in our business model. We spend time up front with the builder and architect regarding the builder's market and to review the entire scope of work for the project during the planning process, working hand in hand with our builders and their subcontractors. Westchester takes into consideration the demographics of the customer and works within the budget of the builder. Then our team fine tunes the design into the most cost-efficient modular format by holding weekly meetings with the builder and architect to discuss the scope of work throughout the entire building process.

We go the extra mile to make sure the project runs smoothly, starting with the design process through construction and completion. Whether our builders and developers are starting with a conceptual footprint, or with a complete set of architectural drawings, our highly skilled team at Westchester Modular will join forces with the design team to modify plans into a highly-efficient and cost-effective modular system. We immerse ourselves into these projects as our growth depends upon our builders' success.

Westchester Modular has been delivering multi-family residential homes for 30 years throughout a nine-state market area. In addition to multi-family products, Westchester Modular has been building faculty housing for schools, apartment buildings, senior housing and daycare centers, just to mention a few of their multi-family and light commercial projects. Currently Westchester is in the planning stages for several college dormitory projects and a Best Western Hotel to be built in the greater New York area.

At Westchester, we understand that each project has its own unique specifications, and we are glad to work with the architect and builder to provide a truly custom product on-time and within budget. For more information on multi-family and commercial buildings, please contact Tony Monti, Project Sales Manager, at